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1.     Controller

Company’s business name:  ATE Globalis d.o.o.

Head office: Štihova ulica 13, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

The company’s responsible person (legal representative): Anita Hostnik


2.     Use, scope and purpose of storing and processing personal data

We store and process personal data for the purpose of maintaining contact with the clients, informing the market via e-mails, sales promotion, and client profiling, which aims to adapt the content and services provided through e-mails and on our website. When we send e-mails, we record the displays of received e-mails and the clicks on the links in the received e-mails. In order to provide a better and more targeted offer and to adapt our further e-mails, the recorded data is automatically processed, analysed, profiled, and our clients’ interest in the sent e-mails is assessed. We do not make automatic decisions based on the recorded data and created profiles.

For information purposes, we store

–        e-mail addresses,

–        names,

–        surnames.

Personal data is collected with the data subject’s explicit consent or agreement. The consents are stored together with their content and the content of the form, with which they were obtained.


3.     Personal data processors and export

In addition to ATE Globalis d.o.o. (its employees), the personal data is processed on behalf of and for the purposes of the aforementioned company by other processors that provide technical support in data processing to ATE Globalis d.o.o., for example, creators and maintenance staff for computer applications, websites and information services, developers and implementers of software solutions, external marketers, marketing, research and analytical companies, external marketing agencies and event organizers. All processors have legal and contractual obligations in accordance with the GDPR.

The personal data collection is stored in the Republic of Slovenia and is not exported to other countries.


4.     Period of storage

Personal data is stored until the data subject withdraws consent for storing and processing his or her data. After the withdrawal of consent, the data subject’s personal data is immediately erased in an efficient and permanent manner.

If the above mentioned purposes for storing and processing personal data should cease to exist, the personal data collection, the purpose of which no longer exists, will be immediately erased in an efficient and permanent manner.

The information about displays of received messages and clicks on the links in received messages is stored for 12 months since the message has been sent.


5.     Rights of the data subject

Each data subject can request the following at any time for his or her personal data:

–        inspection,

–        rectification,

–        complete erasure,

–        transfer to another provider of similar services,

–        stopping the processing and storing or withdrawing consent for processing and storing, which does not affect the lawfulness of processing based on consent before its withdrawal.

Should our company wish to further process personal data for purposes that do not correspond to the purposes for which the data was collected, we will provide the data subject with information about this other purpose and all further relevant information as it is stated in this document before such further data processing takes place.

If the data subject believes that our company has violated his rights regarding data protection in any way, he may lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority – Information Commissioner of the Republic of Slovenia:

Republic of Slovenia, Information Commissioner, Zaloška 59, 1000 Ljubljana,

We will do everything in our power to help the data subject in exercising his or her rights.