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What is the price of a translation?

The price of a translation depends on the language combination and deadline. The basic price usually ranges from EUR 0,08 to EUR 0,12 per source word.

How long will it take you to finish the translation?

The time required for the translation depends on the difficulty and quality of the original text. Generally, translations of up to ten pages usually take us a couple of days, while longer texts require longer periods to be finished.

What should I do in case I need the translation very soon?

Help the translator prepare for their work as much as possible. Let us know about the upcoming translation request in advance, provide us with as much information about it as possible, and send us a similar text or glossary, if available. We will do our best to deliver a high-quality translation, despite the time pressure.

What format should I send the original document in?

You can send us the original in almost any format. If your document exists only in paper form, you can send it to us by fax at +386 1 511 31 47 or e-mail us a scanned version at

How many words or characters is a standard page comprise?

Translation services are usually charged by the number of standard pages. One standard page comprises 250 words or 1,500 characters without spaces.

Does your team include translators capable of translating very specific technical texts?

Certainly. We are aware that a good translation usually requires not only knowledge of the languages, but also a good command of the technical field involved. We built our team of translators with this in mind so that we can provide you with high-quality translations in virtually any technical field.

Which languages do you translate into?

We translate into over 30 languages and provide translations in over 80 language combinations.

Do you also provide sworn translations?

Yes. We work with court interpreters for over 30 languages.

What do I need if I want to order a sworn translation?

When ordering a sworn translation, you need to provide us with the original of the document to be translated or a certified copy.

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