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    AdriatIQa | ATE Globalis d.o.o.
    Stegne 7 | 1000 Ljubljana

    +386 1 511 31 46
    +386 1 511 31 47
    +386 31 226 301
    Working hours:

    Mon-Thu, 8.00 am – 6.00 pm CET
    Fri, 8.00 am – 4.00 pm CET

    Public sector

    Public sector

    Public sector institutions are obliged to follow legislative requirements. When faced with foreign languages, they can only deliver high-quality services only if equipped with precise translations.

    AdriatIQa has experts in law, politics, economics and education. Our translators have translated texts for the following clients:

    • Government and governmental organizations
    • EU bodies
    • Bodies of local self-government and local council
    • Police and courts
    • Hospitals
    • Army

    As these documents often contain personal data and confidential information, AdriatIQa has established strict security procedures. We guarantee complete confidentiality with limited, documented and archived access to data. All data are password-protected and stored on our secure web server.