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From our Ljubljana office we work with a team consisting of over 300 translators. They can translate your texts into more than 30 foreign languages.

We always take great care when selecting our suppliers. We require our future suppliers to have a great command of the language or to have completed a language education. All suppliers must pass a test before we start working with them.

In compliance with the ISO 9001 standard, acquired in 2002, all our translators:

  • work and live in the country of the target language;
  • always translate into their mother tongue;
  • are qualified and experienced;
  • pass a strict selection procedure before starting to work for us;
  • are regularly tested.


Our team includes proofreaders or language editors who

  • check every translation to make sure the technical terminology is correct;
  • thoroughly check the translation by reading and editing it so that it gives the impression of an original text;
  • work with translators in case of any linguistic issues and try to resolve them together. They are constantly in search of ways to improve the text and ensure the highest possible quality.