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Interpreting, or oral translation, is an especially demanding form of translation which calls for the appropriate professional and practical education of the translator. Generally, interpreting is divided into:

  • Simultaneous interpreting (the speaker’s text is interpreted as they speak)
  • Consecutive interpreting (the interpreter interprets the speaker’s text in segments)

Interpreting is required on numerous occasions and concerns various subjects. The most common forms of interpreting are:

Another type of interpreting is sign language interpreting used by hearing impaired and speech-disabled people in their everyday communication. AdriatIQa can provide you with sign language interpreters for various kinds of events or meetings. Along with delivering sign language interpretation services, we also advise our clients on how to set up the room so that the interpreter is easily visible.

AdriatIQa provides interpreting services for over 10 languages (English, German Italian, French, Spanish, Russian, Hungarian, Croatian, Serbian, Bosnian and Macedonian).


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