Long gone are the times when you only had to translate marketing and other texts intended for customers and consumers. The flood of advertising texts nowadays is overwhelming, with consumers expecting to be addressed personally, with their culture and customs taken into account. This is why marketing texts are actually not translated anymore, but transcreated – adapted to the target market. What do you gain by this?


A better basis for SEO optimization

In the digital era, SEO optimization is the key to success in every company. The competition is harsh and the optimization needs to be flawless in order to yield good results. Here you can benefit from transcreating marketing texts for the target market. In classifying websites, Google uses intelligent algorithms and high quality standards. Websites need to have quality content, be relevant and interesting for the visitor. Simple translations do not measure up to this standard, and can be regarded as copies of the site in the original language, which lowers the site rating.

In addition, online advertising in foreign markets almost always requires the use of different key words – this is reason enough to transcreate the content of the website in another language.


A happier audience

By transcreating (not simply translating) the website, you let the consumer in the target market know that you understand and appreciate them, and respect their values. We encounter many examples of how culturally inadequate advertising has done more harm than good, and – as mentioned at the beginning of the article – consumers nowadays expect that product and service providers make an effort for them and ease the buying process.


A higher conversion rate

The conversion rate tells you how consumers respond to your marketing messages. The higher the conversion rate, the more products and services you can sell with your marketing content. The research and experience of companies present in foreign markets clearly indicate that the conversion rate is higher in messages that are not only translated, but also transcreated for a particular market.


Better brand recognition

Marketing content that does not evoke any emotions in the consumers or which is not understood well is quickly forgotten. On the other hand, content that takes into account the local culture, customs and preferences contributes to brand recognition.


To conclude

All four of these advantages of transcreating marketing content for the target market (better SEO optimization, greater satisfaction, higher conversion and brand recognition) can be combined into one direct and straightforward advantage for every company: business success. Without it, no company can exist for very long – and one of the key tools to help you achieve success lies in conscientious and carefully planned transcreation of content for your foreign markets.


Content transcreation certainly requires more time, knowledge and skills than just translation, so it is a bit more expensive. Trust us, every cent invested in transcreation is worth it when you can address your consumers in their native markets, so they understand and appreciate what you offer.